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Writing a first draft
is a bit like walking on water.

The story compels you from the safety of your boat.
Your fingers sail across the keyboard,
drawing you further into the depths of the plot.
You want to look down,
to admire your work.
You dare not.

Instead, you fix your gaze firmly ahead,
focused on the Shining Vision of your original idea.
Guided, perhaps, by an outline
(if that is your persuasion).

You know that if you stop writing,
and look down,
you will see all the weaknesses and imperfections,
the ways your prose falls oh-so-short of your Shining Vision.

The waves of doubt
and the winds of self-doubt
would overcome you.
You would drown,
and then
who would write
your story?

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Project #2
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Project #3
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