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Division (326 words)

There were other groups beside Sanctum that had made it their organizational mission to root the same evils that Sanctum was dedicated to destroying. In

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Target (263 words)

 If you spot an archon, run. That’s the informal rule we had all been taught as Luminaries. The Engagement Doctrine says as much, albeit in

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Betrothal (197 words)

Inspired by The Southern Wutong Spirit by Pu Song-Ling Yan was beginning to think her guest would not show up, when the Wutong Spirit appeared

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Social Cultivation (149 words)

In Luosan City, every choice you make is vigorously tracked by your Cultivation Score. Donating to charity, helping the elderly, gambling, attending unauthorized political rallies,

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Good Breeding (123 words)

Exercise was one of the few pleasures Alonso truly enjoyed. It gave him purpose, pushing his muscles to their searing edge. The strain reminded him

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Fox Hunter (106 words)

Huang Shican hunted foxes. Not regular ones, but shapeshifters that preyed upon miners in the goldfields of Gam Saan. He knew all their lairs, their

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