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Expanding the Outline

Today, I made some progress with my outline. Presently, I have outlined every chapter in the novel anew, but some of the last chapters were

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The Pareto Principle

This whole week I’ve struggled with Act 2 of my novel: namely the series of events that build up toward the midpoint catastrophe and subsequently

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Structural Dilemmas

Today was my first day writing in a long while. I spent the last two weeks on a mission trip with my church to the

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Artist Affirmations

Recently, I’ve been revisiting The Artist’s Way, which is a book I haven’t read in years. What drew me to it this time around was

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The Ending as an Anchor

Today was a hard day of writing. I only managed to get about three pages handwritten pages down. The primary reason for my difficulty is

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The 27-Chapter Writing Method

I recently discovered a new method for structuring novels called the 27-Chapter Writing Method. As the name implies, this method encourages writers to structure their

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Works in Progress

First Draft 25%
Chinatown Witch
Alpha Readers 35%
Chinatown Mission House
On Submission 95%

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